Our number one priority is the safety of your child whether it pertains to health, hygiene or safety in the daycare. We take precautionary measures to ensure your child is safe in our daycare environment at all times and we are proactive in safety.

Fire Drills

Emergency drills enable students to become familiar with evacuation procedures resulting in the orderly evacuation with efficient use of exit facilities. Teachers will ensure that students exit the daycare with the class in a quiet and orderly manner. Fire Drills are conducted once a month.

Responding to and reporting child illness, health concerns, accident and injuries

Our diligent and caring staff is constantly watching and observing children for any signs or symptoms of ill health or any change in behaviour. Your child will be closely supervised at all times.  The intent is to maximize the health and safety and well being of the children

Ill health/health concerns

Each child is observed throughout the day and any indications of ill health is noted and reported to the supervisor immediately i.e.: runny nose, cough, not eating well during a meal, is fatigued, not participating in any part of the program.  Staff watches for any signs and symptoms of ill health and accordingly complete a form on this.  If a child starts to get a fever, the temperature is taken and recorded and parent informed accordingly.  Child is excluded from the other children  as much as possible and supervisor stays with the child till parent comes to pick up. Supervisor or teacher communicates with the parent end of day on child’s day and will raise any health concerns etc.  e.g.: child did not eat very well at lunch etc.


Hand washing constantly is the best precaution for spreading germs and that is done constantly – before eating, after coming in from the playground, after toileting and after blowing or cleaning the nose as some examples.  All toys are disinfected and sanitized on a daily basis as needed or weekly basis. Toys are checked for safety. Cleaning of tables, chairs, floors and washrooms are done regularly.


Staff have updated immunization. They are all trained on First Aid and CPR and update their training annually.  A criminal reference check is required by a staff member before commencing employment. Staff wear gloves when cleaning and sanitizing or changing diapers. As part of Raising the Bar – a quality initiative, staff get training throughout the year on a variety of child care topics to keep themselves abreast of current and relevant information on Early Childhood Education.

Safe environment

  • Staff and supervisor ensures indoor and outdoor equipment is well-maintained and regularly and inspected for safety hazards
  • Staff follow the supervision policy at all times knowing the number of children their have in their group and matching it to head count.
  • Toys are lead free
  • Toys are disinfected daily or accumulated in a toy bin for washing and done once a week
  • The rooms are checked daily for safety – nothing unsafe on the shelf that could danger a child
  • Monthly safety checklist of every room is completed by supervisor
  • Annual safety checklist is completed of play and sleep area, equipment, hallways and stairs, playground

Playground Safety

  • Daily outdoor checks are done in the playground before the children go to play
  • Monthly and quarterly outdoor checklists are completed
  • An annual inspection of the playground is completed by a Playground Inspector
  • Constant supervision of children at all times.  Head count done before going outdoors and again in the playground and once back in the room, ensuring all children are accounted for in the attendance.

Storage  Safety

All materials are stored safety and are free of hazards which could potentially endanger the well-being of children and staff.
Daily checks are done by teachers in the classroom.  Supervisor does monthly checks of materials completes a monthly checklist.

Release of your child

Your child will be released to the person who has been noted on our file for pick up.  If there is a change, please provide a note to let us know who will be picking you child.  We will ask for identification at pick up.
For the safety purpose of  every  child in our care, we reserve the right to not release a child to a parent or guardian if we feel the parent is unable to safely transport the child home e.g.: intoxication, substance abuse, signs of ill health or under strong medication.   We will call the other parent or guardian to make alternate arrangements for pick up of the child.