Birthdays are a special day in a child’s life. We invite parents to send in a fruit tray or cheese platter that can be shared with children. We are promoting healthy eating.  Please refrain from sending cupcakes or cakes as they may contain nuts or ingredients that may have an allergy reaction on a child .  We strive to be nut free and we ask for your cooperation to help keep our children safe.

Field Trips

From time to time the Daycare organizes field trips for children who are the of Pre-School age.  It could be a walk to the local library or a visit to our local grocery store.  In most cases we have educational programs come to our site e.g:  Firefighters and their fire truck, Animal Humane Society to talk about pets, current parents who are in the any profession ie: Dentist, Chef etc.

When we do take the children for a field trip, notification will be sent well in advance informing you about the destination, time and date. It will also include a permission form to be signed and returned to the Daycare. If your child is unable to attend, it is the parent’s responsibility to make other arrangements to keep the child at home. There are no make up days or refunds if your child does not attend a field trip. We keep the cost of the field trip to a minimum and invite parents to attend (based on capacity and number of adults attending). If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, please advise the Director.

Special Events

There are numerous exciting events that Blue Elephant Daycare organizes that involves the parents throughout the school year where we invite parents to participate ie:

Halloween party (October)

Winter Sing A Long (December)

Valentine Party (February)

Spring Party (April)

Summer Sing A Long (June)

Open House (Parent Night)