Our children attended Blue Elephant starting at 15 months. The staff were great at helping them feel comfortable and always had fun activities planned. They were big fans of Ms. Loraine’s cooking, too. Our family had a great experience with this company.

Nicole Hicks

My earliest memories. I remember coming here when I was two-three, surprised it still exists! I’m now 21. Good times. I wonder if the old workers are still around haha

lucas kim

All 3 of our children attended Blue Elephant Daycare and we would highly recommend this for any family looking for safe, high quality, caring daycare. They follow a play-based curriculum and all our children easily transitioned to kindergarten. The staff are warm, caring and exactly what you want from someone who will be with your child while you are at work.Over our 6 years there, we never had any concerns about the safety or well-being of our children. The onsite cook prepares fresh and nutritious food, which is a huge plus!

Kelly Hardy

We have had two of our children attend Blue Elephant Daycare. The staff is wonderful – they are caring, attentive and taught our children so much. Our boys loved going there and we felt confident and pleased with the care they were receiving. We highly recommend!

Lyndsey Clabby

My daughter began her daycare journey at 15 months old with Blue Elephant and she excelled very well. She loved the programs, games, and activities. The instructors were kind, loving and very attentive towards the children as well as maintaining daily rules and routines. This was my first experience with daycare and I was very satisfied with it.

Carrie Silva

I had the opportunity to work for this amazing company and they do wonders for the children! Imagination, self dependency, a place where the kids are loved and the teachers bend over backwards for everyone – take the time to read there’s curriculum- it’s like no other! Along with amazing teachers like Ms Sabrina and amazing management it feels good to be heard. Also, their hard work to outreach for different activities and events for parents and children to spend some quality time is tremendous. – You want your little one at Blue Elephant Daycare!

Tanya Nanda

My experience was positive at Blue Elephant. My toddler loved the daycare a lot. Nash is very welcoming and organized. Layla is very caring and lovely as well. It was an amazing experience for us.

Hoda Abokhadra

Blue Elephant is a great daycare. We’ve had our son enrolled for almost two years now. The staff are wonderful and our son loves it there. I’d definitely recommend it.


I have had my son in this daycare for almost 2 years and the experience has been fantastic. The staff are all caring, the food is made in house, and most of all, my son loves it there.

Ioana Miron